Tuesday, April 3, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 3

1929 Shah and King Faisal passed notes that legal barriers over Persian nationals
            In Iraq had been lifted
1939 King Ghazi died in car accident King Faisal II took power but was only 3 His
            cousin Abd al-Ilah chosen to rule in his place
1941 Golden Square officers picked Gaylani to become PM for 3rd time Started arresting
            pro-British politicians
1941 British War Office asked commander in Middle East what forces available
for Iraq after Golden Square military coup
1941 Nazi Germany sent letter saying it supported the Golden Square coup and would
            lend military aid
1965 Army and KDP clashed in Sulaymaniya killing 60
1970 Def Min Tikriti Inter Min Ammash named co-VPs under Pres Bakr to try to end
rivalry between two for power
1987 Iran Op Karbala 8 started in Basra Made little gains
1991 Saddam’s troops captured Sulaymaniya last major town held by Kurdish rebels
after Gulf War
1991 Saddam told aides that Iraqi army was psychologically defeated by Gulf War
            and that was why Shiites and Kurds rose up against govt
(Musings On Iraq article on Saddam’s view of 1991 uprisings)
1991 UN Resolution 687 said Iraq had to agree to border with Kuwait peacekeeping
force along that border and Coalition forces would exit southern Iraq
1991 UN Res 687 said Iraq had to destroy its WMD and long range missiles
1991 UN Res 687 said Iraq had to make a declaration on its WMD and nuclear
            programs by 4/17/91
1991 UN Res 687 said that UN Secretary General would create a weapons inspection
            commission by 5/17/19
1991 UN Res 1687 said Iraq had to return stolen property pay reparations to Kuwait
            Until all of those were met sanctions would remain
2003 Baath officials began fleeing Baghdad
2003 Sadrists held march in east Baghdad
2003 US forces reached Baghdad international airport
2003 Information Minister Sahaf denied U.S. had taken Karbala or Um Qasr in Basra
            and said all those stories were lies
2003 Power cut in Baghdad
2003 British forces made deep thrust into Basra City
2004 US arrested Sadr’s deputy Mustafa Yacoubi for murder of Sheikh Abdul Khoei
2004 Sadr said that he wanted to unite with Hezbollah and Hamas
2004 Powell said US intelligence gave him questionable intelligence about Iraq mobile
            WMD labs
2004 Marines ordered to go into Fallujah and arrest culprits behind killing Blackwater
            contractors became Op Vigilant Resolve
2008 Maliki officially extended Charge of Knights op against Mahdi Army to Sadr City
2008 Sadr said he would help govt clear ISF of militias
2008 Iraqi special forces arrested head of Thar Allah party claiming it was stealing
            govt property and behind violence
2012 Kurds accused Shiite parties in Baghdad of smuggling oil to Israel via Jordan
            after Shahristani accused KRG of smuggling oil to Iran
2012 Sistani rep in Hillah had house bombed in wave of attacks against Ayatollah’s
2012 Obama called Maliki about Iran flying weapons to Syria via Iraqi airspace
2014 Sadr said Maliki should not run for 3rd term as premier
2015 Salahaddin council called on Sistani to intervene to stop burning and looting in
2015 Head of Salahaddin council said Hashd were looting and burning buildings in
2015 VP Nujafi complained about looting and burning homes in Tikrit
2015 Abadi ordered ISF to arrest anyone breaking law in Tikrit
2015 Sistani reps Friday sermon called for ending of looting in Tikrit
2015 Police said there had been clashes between soldiers and Hashd to stop them from
            looting in Tikrit

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