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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 8

1916 British forces defeated Ottomans at Fallahiya
1941 UK Joint Planning Staff said all measures should be taken to overthrown PM
1941 Churchill ordered Sec of State for India to put together force to be sent to Iraq
1941 German Foreign Office said it supported Arab action against British for their
1980 Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr and sister Bint al-Huda executed by
1980 DIA said 50% chance Iraq would invade Iran Said Iraq thought Iranian military
            weak and could easily be defeated
1980 Ayatollah Khomeini broadcast speech calling on Iraq people to topple their
1981 Sec of State Haig said that Iraq was an important Middle Eastern country and
            hoped for better relations in future
1982 Syria closed border to Iraq Claimed Saddam backed Muslim Brotherhood against
1983 Dawa bombed offices of Iraqi Airways in Baghdad
1985 2nd War of the Cities ended
1985 UN Sec Gen de Cuellar went to Baghdad where Saddam said Iraq was ready to
            enter into talks to end war
1991 Plan to create UN safehaven in northern Iraq for Kurds approved at European
            Union meeting
1991 US agreed to $10 mil in humanitarian aid to Kurds
1991 European Community agreed to provide humanitarian aid to Kurds
1992 Kurds announced elections for Kurdish parliament and leader would be held
1995 PUK-KDP ceasefire in civil war Turkey mediated Ankara hoped to gain PUK-
            KDP help against PKK in return
2001 Czech Inter Min claimed 9/11 terrorist Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in
            Prague Later proven false
2003 Bush said UN would play crucial role in creating an interim Iraqi govt
2003 US forces surrounded Baghdad US A-10 jet shot down by Iraqi surface to air
            missile over city
2003 Ayatollah Haeri said Iraq’s Shiites needed to seize power now that Saddam
            overthrown and oppose US plans
2003 Site south of Baghdad searched for chemical weapons but nothing found
2003 Rumsfeld had meeting to find replacement for ORHA head Garner for new
            presidential envoy to Iraq
2003 British army appointed Muzahim Tamimi former general and Baathist as head of
            Basra province Provoked demonstrations leading to Tamimi’s removal
2004 CENTCOM cmdr Gen Abizaid said that US would get Fallujah under control
2004 Fighting in Fallujah left 460 Iraqis and 36 US troops dead
2004 US 1st Armored Div retook Kut from Mahdi Army
2004 Several Japanese aid workers kidnapped
2005 Transitional Iraqi parliament confirmed Talabani as president of Iraq
2006 Iraqi general said country in a civil war
2008 End of Maliki’s deadline for militias to disarm in Basra
2008 US forces moved into southern Sadr City to build wall to prevent attacks on
            Green Zone Led to fighting with Mahdi Army
2008 10% of Basra police facing AWOL charges for fleeing instead of fighting
            Mahdi Army during Charge of Knights
2008 Gen Petraeus told Congress Baghdad had only accepted 21,000 Sahwa out
            of 91,000 into ISF
2008 Gen Petraeus said Shiite Special Groups were largest long term threat to Iraq
2008 Amb Crocker told Congress that if US withdrew from Iraq without
            accomplishing constitutional reform Iranians would come out winners
2011 Over 2,000 protested in Baghdad and Fallujah Demanded prisoners be released
            Some demanded US forces to leave
2011 Soldiers from 11th Div in civilian clothes arrested protest organizer and held him
            for a week and tortured him 
2011 KDP and PUK rejected call by opposition to disband govt to meet demands of
2011 Maliki told Sec of Def Gates Iraq did not need a U.S. military presence after
            withdrawal at end of year
2011 Gates went to Iraq to try to convince Maliki and political parties to accept
            stay behind force of US soldiers
2012 Sadr said that Maliki was becoming a dictator
2013 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced ISI became ISIS and that it founded Jabhat
al-Nusra in Syria
2015 KDP released Haider Sesho Yazidi militia commander on promise that his
            men would follow Peshmerga

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