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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 22

1915 Lord Curzon asked why British should promise Basra and Baghdad vilyats
            to Arabs if they were fighting on Ottoman side
1916 British attacked Sannaiyat but Ottomans turned them back British suffered
            1,200 casualties
1923 British troops occupied Rowanduz in military campaign to subdue Kurds opposed
            to being included in new Iraq Mandate
1969 After Shah ended 1937 border treaty with Iraq Iran sailed ship down Shatt al
            Arab waterway in violation of treaty
1969 Iraq retaliated by expelling 10,000 Iranians for Shah ending 1937 border treaty
            over Shatt al-Arab waterway
1980 Khomeini revealed that Ayatollah Baqir al-Sadr had been executed and called for
            overthrow of Saddam
1991 Report that Iranian intel and Revolutionary Guard working in Iraq to help revolts
1998 Tariq Aziz letter to UN Said inspectors ignored last 7 yrs of progress Said intrusive
            inspections work of US to create justification for US military strike
2003 ORHA head Garner went to KRG to talk with Barzani and Talabani about interim
            Iraqi govt
2003 Barzani and Talabani suggested group of Iraqi advisers to help Garner rather than
            interim Iraqi govt
2003 Sadrists held second day of protests after its cleric Fartusi was arrested by US
2003 Only 10% of Baghdad’s electricity restored since city fell to US forces
2003 US sent 1000 more experts to look for Iraq’s WMD
2003 Chief UN inspector Blix told BBC US tried to discredit inspections at the Security
2003 UK general warned that British military not trained for postwar operations called
            for in Iraq
2003 NYTimes’ Miller told PBS NewsHour US found info on Iraq’s WMD Had
            destroyed stocks right before invasion Fooled UN inspectors
2004 Bremer said some Baathist officials would be able to return to their jobs
2004 After no real weapons turned over by insurgents in Fallujah Gen Conway said
            militants had days to do so or city would be attacked again
2006 Pres Talabani Asked Maliki to form new govt
(Musings On Iraq interview with Reuters’ Parker on Maliki’s biography)
(Musings On Iraq interview with Inside Iraqi Politics’ Sowell on whether Maliki became a dictator)
(Musings On Iraq interview with Historian Phebe Marr comparing PM Maliki with MP Said)
2007 ISI stopped bus and took 23 Yazidis off and executed them in Bashiqa, Ninewa
2008 Maliki promised $150 mil to rebuild Sadr City after fighting Mahdi Army was
2009 16 Kurdish towns in Ninewa threatened to not cooperate with new Hadbaa run
            Ninewa council calling it Baathists
2010 Parliamentary election results were supposed to be certified but political disputes
            delayed that
2011 Protests in Baghdad, Mosul and other cities calling for release of prisoners better
services fighting corruption
2011 Sadr announced new social organizing project Munasiroon in Basra
2012 Attack on Najaf offices of Ayatollah Fayadh in wave of attacks against Iraq’s
            top clerics
2012 Turkey’s Erdogan compared Maliki to Saddam
2013 Tigris Ops Command stopped parliamentary delegation from visiting Hawija
            protest site after checkpoint attacked
2014 Pres Barzani threatened independence of Kurdistan if oil dispute with Baghdad
2015 Day after IS attacked Sahl al-Malih, Ninewa Peshmerga expelled Arab residents,
            looted and burned village

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