Monday, April 23, 2018

This Day In Iraqi History – Apr 23

1917 British Samarra Offensive ended in victory over Ottomans British suffered
            18,000 casualties
1920 Ataturk gave speech demanding Turkey’s southern territories include Mosul and
(Musings On Iraq article on how Mosul province became part of Iraq)
1941 PM Gaylani asked for German military intervention in case of war with England
1941 London decided to land an entire division from India in Basra
1948 Kirkuk oil workers protested against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1989 Ali Hassan al-Majid’s special powers over northern Iraq for Anfal ended
(Musings On Iraq article on Anfal campaign)
2003 Iraq oil started flowing for fist time since US invasion Iraq shut down oil flow
            day war started Mar 20
2003 USAID official told Nightline rebuilding Iraq could cost US $1.7 bil and
            Iraqi oil and donors would pay for rest
2003 ORHA head Garner came up with list of 9 objectives to accomplish for postwar
            Iraq including paying salaries return police and ministries etc
2003 White House said confident Iraq’s WMD would be found
2003 NY Times article Iraqi scientists told US Iraq destroyed all its WMD equipment
            before invasion US now looking for programs rather than WMD stocks
2003 NY Times article US would be getting info on Iraq’s WMD from Chalabi and
2003 Up to 3 mil participated in Arbaeen ceremony that had been banned under
2003 Protest in Kut, Wasit blocked US convoy for 4 hours
2003 Report thousands of Arabs were being evicted from Kirkuk by Kurds and
            forming militias to protect themselves
2003 1st US troops arrived in Fallujah 2 weeks after end of invasion
2004 Bremer said ex-soldiers welcomed back into army said complaints about
            deBaathification were legitimate US streamlining how it deal with prisoners
2004 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Sanchez ordered investigation into military intel practices
            due to Abu Ghraib prison scandal
2005 UN Sec Gen Annan blamed US and UK for Iraq smuggling under Oil For Food
            program in 90s rather than UN
2009 KRG Premier Barzani criticized Hadbaa party for monopolizing all the seats
            on Ninewa council
2009 Iraq claimed it captured IS leader Abu Omar Baghdadi Didn’t happen
2010 5 car bombs hit Shiite mosques in Baghdad kill 72
2011 Karbala governor said province should think about becoming a federal region
2011 5,000 protested in Mosul demanding release of prisoners
2011 Sadrists marched in Baghdad against US occupation
2012 Iran tried to work out deal between Maliki and Sadr but failed Sadr moved
            into growing critic of Maliki’s rule
2012 Iraq’s Foreign Ministry called in Turkey’s ambassador complaining about
            Ankara’s interference in Iraqi politics
2013 Maliki ordered raid on Hawija protest camp run by Naqshibandi leading to over 40
            dead and 70 wounded
2013 Violence spiked in Iraq after Hawija raid and helped mark return of Iraqi
2013 Mohammed Abu Risha called for protesters to arm themselves after ISF attack
            upon Hawija protest site
2013 Clash between protesters and ISF in Ramadi 6 soldiers killed
2013 Fighting broke out between ISF and insurgents in Suleiman Beq
2013 British court found maker of fake bomb detectors guilty of 3 counts of fraud
2016 Fighting broke out again between Hashd, Turkmen vs Peshmerga Kurds in
            Tuz Kharmato

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