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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 12

1915 Battle of Shaiba in Basra began with Ottomans attacking British
1941 British convoy left India for Basra with infantry brigade Then told its arrival
            would be delayed until PM Gaylani told troops arriving to test his will
1974 Iraqi planes bombed KDP bases during Kurdish rebellion
1975 Saddam interview with NYTimes said Iraq not opposed to US or its people just
            its foreign policy which was anti-Iraq
1982 Iraq again offered to withdraw from Iranian territory if Iran agreed to end war
            Rejected by Iran
1983 Iraq said it would start using new weapons for 1st time meaning WMD in Iran-
            Iraq War
1990 5 US senators visited Baghdad to criticize Iraq over its WMD and nuclear
            programs that Congress was investigating
1990 Privately US senators told Saddam Pres Bush wanted better relations with Iraq
            Amb Glaspie added that was US policy
1990 Saddam told US senators America plotting with Israel to attack Iraq
1991 Report Bush admin decided that Shiite and Kurdish uprisings after Gulf War
            strengthened Saddam and ended hopes of coup
1991 US began Op Provide Comfort to set up safehaven for Kurds in northern Iraq
2003 US forces advanced on Tikrit Faced sporadic fighting
2003 US forces captured Saddam’s half brother Watban al-Tikrit
2003 Turkmen in Kirkuk complained that Kurds were looting their homes
2003 Report experts didn’t think Iraq’s oil would earn enough money to pay for
            country’s reconstruction
2003 Chief UN Weapons Inspector Blix said inspections could’ve contained Iraq and
            US and UK never believed in process
2003 Chief UN weapons inspector Blix said US and UK fabricated evidence against
            Iraq to justify war
2003 Head CENTCOM postwar planning Col Benson briefed Gen Webster Dep Cmdr
            US ground forces in Iraq on revised plans
2003 Col Benson said would be resistance by former regime elements after war
            sectarian violence revenge ethnic cleaning
2003 Col Benson said foreign jihadists would start coming to Iraq Predicted US
            occupation would last 3-5 years
2004 US military said it would kill or capture Sadr
2004 4 clerics met with Sadr to negotiate ceasefire to his uprising
2004 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Abizaid said ISF were huge disappointment so far
            fighting insurgents and Mahdi Army
2004 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Abizaid requested 7000-10000 additional US troops for
2004 CPA adv to Housing Min warned that Badr that ran ministry was stealing
money from major projects and of sectarian hiring
2006 Gen Batiste former commander 1st Inf Div became fourth former general to call for
            Rumsfeld to resign over Iraq
2007 Sunni MPs carried out bombing of parliament’s cafeteria in Baghdad
2007 Islamic Army announced it was no longer working with ISI Didn’t agree with
            declaration of Islamic State and ISI attacking its men
2007 Pres Talabani announced govt in talks with 5 insurgent groups
2008 Maliki said 30,000 Peshmerga would be organized into 2 Army Divisions
2009 Al-Hadbaa party took all the leading positions in new Ninewa govt Nujafi
            became governor after elections Kurds boycotted
2009 Sheikh Abu Risha of Anbar said he was open to alliance with Maliki in 2010
            national elections
2010 KRG said it had reached agreement with Oil Ministry over oil exports Baghdad
            would split revenues with it
2010 Maliki said Sahwa had a role in helping with securing country
2010 CIA ranked Iraq 160th in world in per capita income 2nd lowest in Middle East
2011 KDP and PUK said they were ready for unconditional talks with opposition over
            demands of Sulaymaniya protesters
2011 PJAK attacked Iranian police station along Iran-Iraq border Iran shelled PJAK
            camps in Kurdistan
2012 Kurdish MP said that VP Hashemi should not come back to Kurdistan after
            his tour of Middle East
2012 Sit in started in Mosul demanding release of prisoners
2012 Clash between followers of Mahmoud Sarkhi and police
2012 Kurdish Alliance wanted Oil Min Shahristani to appear before parliament over
            corruption questions Shahristani filed lawsuit against them
2012 State of Law MP announced arrest warrant on corruption charges against Election
Commission chief Part of Maliki intimidation move
2014 ISIS issued orders to infiltrate Baghdad
2014 ISIS posted pictures of over 80 police joining it from Albu Diab and Albu
            Shaban in Anbar
2015 US requested that Hashd withdraw from Ramadi before it would start air strikes
2016 Sit in demonstration began in parliament over PM Abadi’s technocratic cabinet

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