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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 13

1915 British won Battle of Shaiba in Basra province by counterattacking and
            routing Ottoman forces
1941 UK decided to go ahead with troop deployments to Iraq
1959 Gen Qasim made cover of Time magazine
1966 Pres Arif died in helicopter crash
1987 Iran and KDP captured strategic mountains near Sulaymaniya city
1991 Pres Bush said US would send humanitarian aid to Iraq and condemned govt
            attacks on civilians but would not get more involved
1992 Sec Def Cheney said US didn’t overthrow Saddam in Gulf War because would be
            too difficult to occupy Iraq
1993 US launched cruise missile attack on Iraqi intelligence HQ in Baghdad in
            response to Iraqi attempt on fmr Pres Bush in Kuwait
1998 IAEA report to UN Iraq provided full and complete record of its nuclear program
            and shown no new activity
1999 CIA paper said 4 reports claiming Iraq offered safe haven to bin Laden Were all
2003 US forces captured Tikrit
2003 Bush criticized press for reporting on looting in Iraq Blamed Saddam for postwar
2003 Rumsfeld said US would find Iraq’s WMD when people started coming forward
            and providing intelligence about where they were hidden
2003 US forces found suspicious missile warheads that might have contained WMD
2003 Turkmen accused Kurds of killing a child Crowd called for revenge and Turkish
2003 Turkmen Front demanded that KDP leave its headquarters in Kirkuk giving it
            eviction notice
2003 US Gen Hawkins flew into Baghdad to try to get power grid up and working
            again since it went down when city taken by US
2004 CENTCOM cmdr Gen. Abizadi said that US needed 7000-10000 more troops
            in Iraq Bush agreed to increase
2006 Gen Swannack fmr cmdr 82nd Airborne Div became 5th retired general to call
            for Rumsfeld to resign over Iraq
2007 9 insurgent groups joined together to fight ISI including Islamic Army and
            1920 Revolution Brigades
2008 Iraq signed $833 mil arms deal with Serbia with no competitive bidding didn’t
            follow anti-corruption rules and Maliki stopped audit
2008 1300 police and soldiers fired for not fighting Mahdi Army in Kut and Basra
2008 Maliki ordered cracked down on gas stations and oil distribution centers
controlled by Sadrists
2008 Cabinet approved bill that would ban political parties that had militias from
            taking part in provincial elections
2008 US National Sec Adv Hadley said Iraq had agreed to pressure Iran to stop
            arming militias
2009 Sinjar and Makhmour said they would not cooperate with Hadbaa led Ninewa
2009 Maliki signed technical military cooperation deal while on visit to Russia
            Including fixing equipment and opened door to buying arms
2010 State of Law said it didn’t have any red lines with Iraqiya but said some members
            were tied to Baathists
2010 Basra announced free trade zone with Iran
2010 KRG parliament passed regional budget Gorran and Islamic Group dissented
saying that no reforms included in it
2011 ISF raided union and women’s organization to arrest protest organizers in
2011 Baghdad authorities tried to ban protests in Tahrir Square
2011 Head of Oil Police Gen Ibrahim said his forces were short 12,000 officers Led to
            signing 8,000 contractors
2011 Reported split within SIIC Wanted to remove Ammar Hakim and Adel Abdul
            Mahdi and elect new leadership
2011 Protesters in Sulaymaniya refused to meet with Pres Barzani delegation Protesters
            called for Barzani PM Salah and speaker to all step down
2011 Gulf states asked Arab League to cancel summit in Baghdad due to Iraq criticizing
            crackdown in Bahrain
2012 ISI said it was responsible for March prison break in Kirkuk that freed 19
2012 Head of Election Commission and another member were arrested on corruption
            charges brought up by Maliki to get rid of them
2013 Sadrists in Karbala and Iraqiya in Mosul claimed ISF were being told to vote
            for State of Law in provincial elections
2014 ISIS held parade in Baiji
2015 Abadi fired 300 army officers as part of reforming ISF
2015 Maliki said Hashd had become 3rd military force in country after army and
            police and said any negative stories about them were all lies
2015 Hashd arrived at Assad base in Anbar for Albu Faraj op Would later claim they
            were not in Anbar due to Abadi and US
2015 Kataib Hezbollah and Peace Brigades said they would take part in Anbar offensive
2015 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq Hezbollah Nujaba and Badr said wouldn’t take part in Anbar
offensive because of US airstrikes
2016 Fist fight broke out in parliament over PM Abadi’s technocratic cabinet

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