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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 11

1915 Ottomans launched operation to try to retake Basra from British forces
1917 British defeated Ottomans at Battle of Shiala
1941 UK Amb to Iraq wrote PM Gaylani’s will needed to be tested by announcing
            UK troops would be arriving in Iraq soon and travelling through country
1974 Govt executed 11 KDP members in Irbil during Kurdish rebellion
1991 Cease fire between Iraq and Coalition went into effect
1991 Japan agreed to $10 mil in humanitarian aid to Kurds
2001 1st US Energy Dept report said aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy were wrong size
            for centrifuges not like centrifuges Iraq used before Could be for rockets
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2002 Gen Franks talked with Rumsfeld about war preparations that could start now
            without gaining much notice
2003 British forces entered Amarah, Maysan during invasion Looting started
2003 UK DefMin Hoon told parliament British troops would soon be able to withdraw
            from Iraq
2003 US forces withdrew from bridges in Baghdad leading to looting to spread to west
            side of city
2003 “Stuff happens” Rumsfeld said freedom was untidy in response to looting in Iraq
2003 Rumsfeld criticized press for focusing on looting in Iraq and missing all the
            positive stories happening
2003 Rumsfeld said US would help Iraq rebuild but ultimately it would be up to Iraqis
            to run and rebuild their country
2003 Suicide bomber attacked Marine checkpoint wounding 4 in Baghdad
2003 2 US soldiers killed and several dozen wounded in firefights in different parts
            of Iraq
2003 Armed men reported hunting down Baathists in Basra to kill them
2003 US took over control of security in Kirkuk and Peshmerga began withdrawing
            Turkey sent military observes to watch process
2003 Looting reported in Kurdish sections of Kirkuk
2003 Turkey said it would send military observers to Kirkuk Threatened to send troops
            to Kirkuk if Kurds were to take over city
2003 Turkish Foreign Min got assurances from US that Americans not Kurds would
            control Kirkuk
2003 Talabani said Peshmerga would start withdrawing from Kirkuk because of
            Turkish complaints
2003 Sadr gave his 1st Friday sermon in Kufa following US invasion Called for
            pilgrimage to Karbala for Arbaeen
2003 US tried to kill Saddam’s half brother in air attack in Anbar Killed Sheikh
            Harbit and 21 family members Turned Dualim tribe against US
2003 US delivered $20 mil in cash to Iraq from frozen Iraqi assets to help pay for
            bills and reconstruction
2003 US military called on to repair power grid in Baghdad that went down on Apr 9
            when city fell
2003 Iraqi physicist Jaffar interviewed by CIA in UAE said Iraq had no WMD and
            no nuke program
2003 Russia said it would forgive debts to Iraq worth $8-$12 bil
2004 Ceasefire announced in Fallujah after 2 members of Iraqi Governing Council
            resigned in protest over battle
2004 Iraqi 202nd Bn collapsed under insurgent attacks in Fallujah
2005 Tens of thousands of Sadrists marched in Baghdad against US occupation
2008 Sadr aide in Najaf killed Sadr blamed US and Maliki Might have been done by a
Sadr faction Aide was heading Sadrist negotiations with Baghdad to end conflict
2008 US helicopters attacked Mahdi Army in Basra and Sadr City
2008 US forces raided Sadr offices in Kut
2008 ISF moving on other Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad besides Sadr City in
            fight against Mahdi Army
2008 Gen Petraeus said Sadr had a legitimate political movement that govt needed
            to deal with
2008 Amb Crocker told Congress Iran was trying Lebanonize Iraq by backing militias
2009 National Security Min Waili said Iraq Turkey US had new intelligence sharing
            agreement targeting PKK
2010 State of Law called for recount in 5 provinces claiming voter fraud after national
2010 report that Sadrists asked for 10 ministries in return for supporting Maliki’s 2nd
2010 Sadr called Maliki a liar and blamed him for arresting Sadrists
2010 ISF withdrew from Salahaddin provincial council building after occupying it
            for 2 months on orders from Maliki to block federalism move
2011 Maliki said ISF ready to take over full security duties after US military
            withdrawal at end of year
2011 Govt spokesman Dabbagh said US military had to leave Iraq at end of year
            or would cause internal problems
2011 Another power sharing deal announced between Maliki Allawi and Kurds to try to
get security ministers named
2011 Sulaymaniya protesters issued roadmap for negotiations with KRG including
            early elections and interim govt
2011 Peshmerga Min survived no confidence vote in KRG parliament over treatment
            of protesters
2011 Opposition parties boycotted KRG parliament over protests in Kurdistan
2011 KRG PM Salah said Baghdad should pay foreign oil companies operating in
2012 Kurds attended Ninewa council for 1st time since boycotting in 2009 when Hadbaa
            won power Hadbaa boycotted in response
2012 Court denied ex-VP Hashemi’s charge that 2 of his bodyguards were tortured to
            death by ISF
2014 Gunmen suspected to be from Asaib Ahl Al-Haq shot up homes and burned a
            mosque in Bodaja, Diyala
2014 Diyala governor warned that militias were operating in province and increasing
            tensions and violence
2014 Fighting broke out in Kirkuk between PUK and KDP supporters leaving 17
            wounded before KRG elections
2015 Badr’s Ameri said hundreds of Badr fighters in Baghdadi and Haditha
            Would later claim were none in province because of Abadi and US

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