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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 10

1941 London ordered India to send forces to Shaiba air base in Basra and Basra
1941 British expeditionary force put together in India to be sent to Iraq to deal
            with pro-German PM Gaylani
1941 PM Gayalni convened parliament and asked it to pick new Regent Selected
            Sharif Sharaf veteran of Arab revolt and relative of Hashemite family
1941 PM Gaylani gave speech at parliament that his govt would honor Anglo-Iraq Treaty
            of 1930 to stall British action against him
1941 Hitler decided to give military aid to Iraq
1941 Italian ambassador to Iraq said Golden Square coup sign Iraq believed Axis was
            winning WW2 and would soon be in Middle East
1968 Arif said Iraqi National Oil Company would develop North Rumaila oil field
            without the Iraqi Petroleum Company
1969 1st Spring Festival held in Mosul to highlight ancient Iraqi history as part of
            Baath campaign to create unified national identity
1982 Syria closed Iraqi pipeline to Mediterranean to help Iran in war Cut Iraq oil exports
            to just 600,000 bar/day
1982 Syria closing pipeline led Iraq to settle border disputes with Jordan Turkey Saudi
            Arabia to build land routes for its oil
1983 Iran launched Op Wa al-Fajr 1 Attacked Ain al-Qaws with goal of cutting Baghdad-
Basra highway in Maysan using human waves Captured 69 sq mi of Iranian territory
1986 Iraq’s 4th attempt to free Fao Peninsula from Iran failed
1988 Iran started Op Bait al-Moqaddas 5 in Panjwin, Kurdistan Meant to draw Iraqi forces away
            from south Didn't work
1990 UK seized parts for Iraq’s supergun
1991 US ordered Iraq to end all military action in northern Iraq above 38th parallel  
            Northern no fly zone created
2001 1st CIA report that Iraq tried to buy aluminum tubes for centrifuges and sign Iraq
            renewed nuclear program Didn’t provide any analysis for claim
2001 CIA report said aluminum tubes were step backwards from centrifuge designs Iraq
            working on before Gulf War  
(Musings On Iraq article on the aluminum tubes story)
2002 Blair told parliament Saddam was threat to his people and region and
            was working on WMD
2003 Saudis called on Saddam to step down to end war
2003 Iraq’s 5th Corps surrendered to US Special Forces and Peshmerga as they entered
2003 After Kirkuk fell Kurds Arabs and Turkmen carried out attacks on each other
            for 2 days 40 killed
2003 Bush administration told Turkey that US forces would take control of Kirkuk city
2003 Powell told Turkey that US stood for territorial integrity of Iraq meaning
            wouldn’t support Kurds separating
2003 PUK told Turkey that it would withdraw its Peshmerga from Kirkuk city
2003 Sadr’s followers killed Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Khoei in Najaf Surrounded
            Ayatollah Sistani’s house but driven off by tribesmen
2003 US moved 2,000 Peshmerga backed by US Special Forces to Diyala’s
            Khanaqin to try to block Badr Brigade moving in from Iran
2003 Rumsfeld said that it was important for US to find Iraq’s WMD
2003 Powell said he was sure US would find Iraq’s WMD
2003 Def Policy Board’s Adelman OpEd in Washington Post Reminded readers 14
            months before he said war would be a cakewalk
2003 Adelman said Iraqis would start coming forward telling US where Iraq’s WMD
            were hidden
2003 Suicide bomber hit Marine checkpoint in Baghdad wounding 4
2003 White House said it wanted to name some of ORHA staff after they’d already
            arrived in Kuwait ready to go into Iraq
2003 White House spokesman Fleischer said Iraq’s WMD would be found
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq kidnapped American Nick Berg and took him to Fallujah Would
            later be beheaded by Zarqawi
2006 Report US failed to provide police trainers as called for to rebuild Iraqi police after
            03 invasion
2006 Report CPA pushed number of new police not quality and Interior Ministry lacked
            capacity to deal with them
2006 Report US officials withdrawn from Interior Ministry which facilitated Badr’s take
            over of ministry
2007 Islamic Army accused ISI of killing 30 of its members and members of
            Mujahadeen Army and Ansar al-Sunna
2008 Bush said US would only leave Iraq when it became a democracy
2008 Interior Min said it would start confiscating weapons in Basra as amnesty
            period ended
2008 Sadr said he would disarm Mahdi Army if all the others militias disarmed
2010 Iranian Amb said next Iraqi govt should be national unity one with Sunnis
            implying that Allawi’s Iraqiya should be included
2010 Insurgents like 1920 Revolution Brigades held meeting in Istanbul to discuss
            Iraq after US military withdrawal
2011 Sadr said that he still had a militia which continued to attack US forces
2012 Maliki said that if Assad deposed in Syria would cause greater problems in
            Middle East
2012 Sadrist MP said no confidence vote against Maliki would not be good move
            Pushed for national conference instead to work out differences
2013 Gorran Islamic Union Islamic Group all said opposed to Barzani extending
            his term as president of KRG
2014 Mutahidun accused militias of attacking civilians throughout central Diyala
2015 IS captured Albu Faraj north of Ramadi Executed 33 people afterward
2017 Around 100 MPs signed petition to have parliament dismiss Kirkuk Governor
            Karim over raising Kurdish flag in province

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