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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 14

1915 Ottoman campaign to try to retake Basra from British failed
1948 2nd Railway strike against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1969 Bakr govt executed opponents in central Baghdad
1983 Iraq claimed it repulsed Iran’s Op Wa al-Fajr killing 9,800 Iranians
1983 Iraqi High Command warned Iran that had new modern weapons and would use
            them for first time in war Meant new WMD capabilities
1992 US UK France warned Iraq to stop military buildup along border with Kurdistan
1995 UN Res 986 created Oil for Food Program allowing $1 bil in Iraq oil exports
every 90 days for food and humanitarian aid
1995 Saddam initially rejected UN Res 986 thinking that inspectors would clear Iraq
            of WMD and sanctions would soon end Proved wrong
2002 Vanity Fair article talked with Iraqi defector Saadi who claimed Iraq building
2003 Pentagon said major fighting in Iraq was over Bush claimed there was some
            evidence Saddam was dead
2003 White House said Iraq had WMD that was what war was about and they would be
2003 Local tribes in Najaf scattered Sadrists threatening to expel Ayatollahs Sistani,
            Hakim and Fayadh from city
2003 Association of Muslim Scholars founded by Harith Dhari
2003 1st joint patrol in Baghdad between Iraqi police and U.S. forces
2003 Final IAEA report given to UN Found no active Iraq nuclear program Niger
            docs were fakes aluminum tubes for rockets not centrifuges
(Musings On Iraq article on Iraq-Niger uranium story)
2003 Report PUK was telling Arabs to leave villages around Kirkuk city
2003 Report 40 people killed in fighting between Kurds and Baathists in Kirkuk City
2004 UN representative Brahimi outlined power of interim Iraqi govt including
2004 5 bridges connecting central to southern Iraq destroyed limiting movement of US
2004 Russian announced it would withdraw 800 civilian contractors from Iraq due to
            security concerns
2004 Italian security guard became first foreign hostage executed by insurgents
2006 US Amb to Iraq Khalilzad said militias were bigger problem than insurgents due
            to sectarian violence
2006 Iraqi general said militias would not put down their weapons as long as ISF
            couldn’t provide security
2008 Sadr returned to Iraq from Iran Fled to Qom during Surge fearing US would
            target him
2008 Awakening Council in Baghdad and Abu Ghraib formed political party to run in 09
            provincial elections
2008 Kurd delegation met with Maliki over peshmerga budget oil law and Kirkuk
2009 Parliamentarians picked Iyad al-Samarraie to become new speaker
2009 Was reconciliation meeting in Abu Saifan, Baghdad between Sahwa, tribes
            and Mahdi Army
2009 VP Mahdi said Sahwa had been infiltrated by ISI while Anbar Awakening was
2009 Army had to take over 10 checkpoints in Iskandiriya after Sahwa walked off job
            because hadn’t been paid
2009 Insurgents blew up 4 houses belonging to displaced families that had returned in
Baquba Flyers said returnees would be attacked
2010 State of Law complained about parties going to other countries to discuss
            putting together new govt
2010 Dep PM Issawi went to Iran to talk about forming new govt
2010 Pres Talabani said when Shiite parties agreed on premier Kurds would support
2010 Iraq asked to buy 24 F-16 fighters from US
2010 Iranian Amb to Iraq said trade between two countries had reached $7 bil in 2009
            Was almost all Iranian imports to Iraq
2011 State of Law parliamentarians walked out of session to vote on vice presidents
            stopping election
2011 Media activist beaten by Asayesh in Kalar
2012 KRG official said there were around 700 advisers experts and general managers
            in Kurdish govt
2012 Dep PM Mutlaq said arrest warrants for Election Commission members was
            political move
2012 Pres Barzani said arrest of Election Commission head was another attempt by
            Maliki to centralize control over govt
2012 Sadr said Maliki was behind arrests of Election Commission head so that he
            could control future votes
2012 Integrity Comm reported prisons not following orders to release prisoners found
            not guilty or who had served sentences unless got payoffs
2012 Followers of Mahmoud Sarkhi held protest in Baghdad demanding release of
            their followers
2013 Maliki said he would expose politicians connected with terrorism if he was made
            to appear before parliament for questioning
2013 Maliki said provincial elections would be step to forming majority govt
2013 Were coordinated bombings in Baghdad, Babil, Dhi Qar, Salahaddin, Anbar,
            Kirkuk, Diyala and Ninewa
2013 Sulaymaniya mayor died in custody Asayesh said he hung himself His family
            claimed he was tortured
2013 Gorran leader said he was against 3rd term for Pres Barzani
2015 Haider Sesho said that his arrest by KDP was illegal That he would work with
            Peshmerga but not follow their orders
2015 New offensive to take Garma from IS in Anbar launched
2016 Maliki Allawi and Sadr MPs voted to dismiss Speaker Jabouri but didn’t have
            votes Maliki and Allawi wanted to weaken Abadi

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