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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 2

1941 Regent of Iraq arrived at British airbase at Habaniya Anbar after Golden
            Square officers tried to arrest him after coup
1941 Regent tried and failed to organize resistance to Golden Square coup in Basra
            Then fled to Jordan
1975 Iraq army sealed border with Iran and declared Kurdish revolt over Mustafa
            Barzani and 150,000 Kurds fled to Iran
1975 1972-75 some 17,000 killed and 280,000 displaced during Kurdish rebellion
1982 Dep Cmdr of Iran’s armed forces claimed end of Iran-Iraq War was near
1986 Khomeini called for all able bodied men to join armed forces to overthrow
1990 Saddam threatened to use WMD against Israel if it was attacked 
(Musings On Iraq article on Saddam’s motivation for threatening Israel before the Kuwait invasion)
1991 State Dept U.S. never said that it was for removing Saddam
1991 Turkey said that 30,000 Kurds had entered country and 220,00 more coming as
            Saddam put down Kurdish revolt
1991 Iran and Turkey went to UN about Iraq’s suppression of Kurd and Shiite revolts
            and refugee crisis it was creating
1991 Kurds began fleeing Sulaymaniya in face of govt offensive to retake it from
2003 US forces took Karbala
2003 US forces reached outskirts of Baghdad Rep Guard Medina division
            counterattacked but turned back
2003 Qusay Hussein told Gen Hamdani that US attack in south was deception and
            real invasion would come from north
2003 US raid freed US POW Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital
2003 Talabani said Peshmerga would not attack Kirkuk city to stave off criticism from
            US and Turkey Kurds ended up taking city
2003 Rumsfeld sent memo to military to cooperate with ORHA because wasn’t helping
2003 State Dept leaked complaints to LA Times about Pentagon’s postwar plans to
            exclude UN and support Chalabi and INC
2004 Sadr gave angry speech against US occupation after CPA closed his newspaper
2004 Sadrists protested outside Green Zone demanding movement paper be re-opened
2004 Mahdi Army began marching in Sadr City as tensions with US grew
2004 Some Friday prayers in Fallujah condemned attack on Blackwater contractors in
2004 Powell criticized US intel for giving him faulty claims about Iraq’s WMD for
            his Feb 03 UN speech
2005 Al Qaeda launched suicide attack on Abu Ghraib prison starting battle for town
2006 SecState Rice UK ForSec Straw told PM Jaafari he didnt have support and
            should step down Jaafari said no
2006 US military reported 1313 Iraqi civilians killed in sectarian murders in March
            2006 173 killed in suicide bombings
2006 US Amb Khalilzad said militias should be disarmed Iraqi officials said that would
            create more violence
2006 PM Jaafari said he would integrate militias into security forces to control them
2006 Fmr CENTCOM cmdr Gen  Zinni on Meet the Press said Iraq failure of strategic
            planning by US
2008 Retired Gen McCaffrey said ISI’s urban insurgency was defeated
2010 Maliki said he was going to form alliance with Kurds and backed Talabani to
            remain as president to form new govt
2010 Sadrists began referendum amongst followers to see who they wanted to be new
2010 Maliki talk with National Alliance failed as SIIC Hakim’s opposed Maliki’s
            2nd term
2011 56 wounded in clashes between police and protesters in Sulaymaniya
2012 Over 300 followers of Mahmoud Sarkhi arrested in Nasiriya
2012 Oil Min Luaibi claimed Exxon was halting work in KRG so that it could continue
            working with central govt on oil industry Wasn't true
2012 Dep PM Shahristani accused Kurds of smuggling oil to Iran
2013 Insurgents attacked Akkas gas field in Anbar
2013 Gunmen in army uniforms attacked 4 independent newspaper offices in Baghdad
            Mahmoud Sarkhi blamed
2013 Election Commission said provincial vote in Anbar and Ninewa would be
            delayed until May
2013 Sadrists said they would end cabinet boycott
2015 PM Abadi arrived in Tikrit after its liberation to make victory tour in city
2015 Sadr said brazen militias should be removed from Tikrit by ISF after stories
            of looting and burning homes
2015 Hashd leader Muhandis said that any looting and abuses in Tikrit were done
            by locals not Hashd
2015 Guard in Tikrit said he counted more than 200 homes in Qadisiyah district destroyed
            after city’s liberation
2016 Kurdish Alliance said it would not vote on Abadi’s new cabinet unless it
            got its quota of ministers

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