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This Day In Iraqi History - Apr 4

1927 UK official wrote ForSec Chamberlain saying UK got Mosul by trick
            Promised 25 yr Iraq Mandate Now pushing Iraq independence
1939 King Ghazi’s death publicly announced PM Said resigned
1941 UK Chiefs of Staff asked Middle East cmdr Gen Wavell how many troops he could
            spare for Iraq
1948 Port of Basra strike against Anglo-Iraq Treaty
1980 Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr arrested in Najaf by Saddam
1981 Iran bombed Iraq’s H3 airbase near Syria Destroyed 27-50 planes and Iraq’s
            strategic bombers Syria believed to have helped Iran in strike
1981 Iran said it wouldn’t negotiate a ceasefire with Saddam
1981 Head of US Interests Section in Iraq said that US and Iraq were growing closer
1983 Iraq offered 1 day ceasefire in order to clean up oil spill Iran rejected offer
1991 Report Pres Bush gave CIA okay to support opposition in Iraq led to creation of
            Voice of Free Iraq radio station run by Saudis
1991 Britain offered $37 mil in humanitarian aid to Kurds
1991 Turkey said it couldn’t support Kurdish refugees flowing into country so shut
            border 10,000 crossed into Turkey 80,000 held at border
2002 UK intel officials claimed that Blair decided that WMD and Saddam were not
            good argument for going to war in Iraq
2003 3rd Inf Div captured Saddam International Airport in Baghdad Fedayeen Saddam
            counterattack turned back
2003 US forces sent to southern Baghdad to destroy Republican Guard units but they
            fled instead of fighting
2003 Saddam appeared on Iraqi TV touring Baghdad neighborhood
2003 Information Minister Sahaf finally admitted US forces were in Baghdad at airport
2003 Blair sent letter to Iraqi people saying Saddam would fall and Coalition would
            not be in Iraq longer than necessary
2003 Power surge knocked out most of the power in Baghdad Would be out for
            weeks after war over
2003 NSC Adv Rice said US wanted a democratic Iraq with no WMD that would not be
            threat to neighbors
2004 Sadrists rose up in Baghdad Najaf Kut Karbala Kufa Nasiriya against US
            Ambushed US patrol in Sadr City killing 8 Americans
2004 80% of one Iraqi National Guard battalion and 70% of another deserted in
            Baghdad in 1st day of fighting Mahdi Army
2004 40% of police in Najaf and Kut fled when Sadrists rose up in 2 cities
2004 Fighting between Mahdi Army and Spanish in Najaf left 200 Iraqi casualties
2004 Polish battalion held Karbala city hall but rest of city fell to Mahdi Army
2004 Italian governor of Dhi Qar made deal with Mahdi Army to stay in base
            while militia took Nasiriyah
2004 CPA created Ministerial Committee for National Security in Iraqi govt
2004 UN special envoy Brahimi arrived in Iraq to help put together interim govt
2004 Operation Vigilant Resolve launched by Marines starting 1st battle of Fallujah
2005 Outgoing Inter Min Naqib warned US if SCIRI got Inter Min would fill it
            with Badr militiamen which it did
2006 Report Inter Min refused to deploy any police trained by US-UK mission in last
            3 months because didn’t control recruits
2008 Maliki said he would stop raids against Sadrists
2008 Maliki said he didn’t negotiate ceasefire with Sadr but Iran did
2008 Sadr said he would recruit 10,000 local tribesmen into security forces in Basra
            after Charge of Knights
2009 Maliki said that Baathists and ISI had infiltrated Sahwa
2009 Sahwa leader in Baghdad said govt was out to destroy Sahwa
2009 Sheikh Abu Risha said he would run with State of Law in provincial elections
2010 3 car bombs on Iranian Egyptian and German Embassies in Baghdad killed 41
2011 Baghdad Operations Command accused Harith al-Dhari head of Muslim
            Scholars Association of being behind assassinations in Baghdad
2011 Day of Dignity protests in Baghdad
2011 Opposition parties walked out of KRG parliament when Peshmerga and Interior
            ministers refused to appear for questioning over treatment of Sulaymaniya
2011 Sulaymaniya protesters called on KRG government to resign
2012 Dep PM Shahristani told Kirkuk governor had to stop oil smuggling to KRG
2012 State of Law MP accused Kurds of trying to prevent army from buying new
2012 Maliki sent envoy to try to improve ties with Turkey but failed
2013 Turkey said it was willing to split payments of oil exports between Baghdad and
2015 Great Tikrit Mosque set on fire after city freed Tribes demanded Hashd withdraw
            from area
2016 Kurdish Alliance said it would not vote on any ministers it didn’t nominate
2016 Allawi said if new govt was to be nonpartisan than Abadi had to resign too
            along with his cabinet
2017 Kirkuk council voted to take part in KRG independence referendum

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